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Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Cartoons the Tea Party Would Like to Bring Back

The basic theme today, is to run a few cartoons involving ills of the past, which were cured by government programs or agencies, which various Tea Party candidates have stated they would like to eliminate. It being Halloween, it also helps if Death just happens to be hanging around in the cartoon. (Exception, I did have lined up a couple of gruesome Daily Graphic Cholera cartoons by Bellew, from epidemics in NYC in the 1870s, but, given the situation in Haiti, I don’t use those to take political jabs — maybe I’ll show them later, in reference to Haiti.) Of course, there are some things Republicans & Tea Party candidates state they wish to do, that have no 19th century equivalent to harken back to — no cartoons showing, say, a Republican politician of the future, chest-deep in ocean water, hanging for life to a pole with a sign on top reading “Florida Real Estate for Quick Sale!” — saying “We need to move forward. My opponent only wants to talk about the past!”, while, say, some ragged refugees on a raft point angrily at him, the cartoon being labelled, ”Try for Genocide against the Human Race, Politicians who sold out future generations for their personal gain!”. Nor, are there any 19th century cartoons, dealing with a political party being determined to stop all legislation, and bring the entire givernment to a halt by refusing to provide the funds to pay for anything, as quite a number of Tea Party/Republican candidates are now stating they intend to do (oops, sorry troops in Afghanistan and Iraq — you can find your own way home, can’t you? Or maybe you’d be better off, just staying there and blending in!).

The American people usually elect to congress candidates, of both parties, with the expectation that they will endeavor to work together, to find common ground. The Republican & Tea Party candidates running today, have explicitly stated they have zero intention to co-operate with the President and Democratic House & Senate member, having purged from their ranks those moderates who dared to try to get things done by seeking agreement with the other side. The majority of Americans are not paying attention to what Republican candidates have been saying — that they have no intention to govern, their intention is to halt government.     

Anyway, let’s get to the examples. One of the government agencies supposedly “stealing freedom”, is apparently the Food & Drug Administration. Their requirement that milk be pasteurized, has made America a dictatorship. So, soon after the Tea Party gets their way, and eliminates the F.D.A., as several candidates  have stated they wish to do — and we start importing without inspection, baby formula from China, or, start getting the taste of freedom from our own farms – we’ll be able to again appreciate what the two below cartoons from the days of true liberty, were trying to tell us…  

Left, the 1911 cartoon Where Grim Death Daily Lurks, by J. Campbell Cory, from his 1920 published collection, The Cartoonist’s Art. Right, Impure Milk is the Best Crepe Maker — artist not identified, from the Toronto publication La Paye, taken here from the September 1912 issue of Cartoons Magazine.

Click on any picture, to open a larger version.

Below left, Republicans and their Libertarian-Tea Party extremists, are certain that the best way to get America working again, is to remove all regulations from industry — including those pesky Child Labor laws, which prevent the U.S. from competing on a level playing field, with all those countries where children are expected to be in factories, and not in school! Of course, as demonstrated by Hal Coffman, in this 1912 cartoon printed in the New York American newspaper (taken from its reprinting in the October 1912 issue of Cartoons Magazine), titled “No, Got All the Help I Need”, specifically who Republicans and the Tea Party intend to get back-to-work, might not be who most Americans were thinking of…  

And, now that the kids are working, and bringing in a fraction of what Mom and/or Dad used to be bringing in, America just might have some trouble paying the doctor bills (remember, they plan to trash that nasty Health Care that’s stealing your freedom by taking care of you!). But don’t fear, a few Tea Party candidates have the solution! You can pay your doctor in chickens! Yes — the barter system still works — the Tea Party says so! (Now, to figure out what the average non-farmer American will need to trade for those chickens! Plus, what they’ll need to trade, to get a truckload of chickens transported to the hospital, to pay for major surgery! Plus just where on the internet one looks, for the doctors in the health care=farm animals network, who are set up to accept such payments!) Below right, Hard Times, from December 1857 issue of Nick-Nax.

Next, quite a number of Tea Party and Republicans candidates, have made statements along the lines that “There is no such thing as the Separation of Church and State in the Constitution”, and, that “Individual States are free to establish their own State religion”, and even, that the Constitution should be altered to reflect the Bible. So, another category cartoons that the Tea Party wishes to bring back, would be those such as the below pair of cartoons from the 1835 issue of Scraps #6, by David Claypoole Johnston, depicting protestant violence against catholics, then occuring in Massachusetts.  

And finally, we want to get back to Death to end this Halloween posting, so, having covered the “food” side of the Food & Drug Adminstration — let’s get to the fun “drug” side. That pesky F.D.A. has kept Americans from tasting true freedom in the original formulation of Coca-Cola for the past century (its name comes from the fact that it originally contained Cocaine). And, back in the days when manufacturers were free to stick drugs into our food (I can’t wait for some unregulated genetically-altering substances! ),  the drug manufacturers were free to stick in all manner of toxic non-drug substances, into our medicine! Hurray! The below 1912 Life magazine Harrison Cady cartoon — Advertising Pays —  shows Death painting a billboard for Old Dr. Killems Dopine.

Happy Halloween!

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Doug Wheeler

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2 Responses to “More Cartoons the Tea Party Would Like to Bring Back”

  1. Josh Harris Says:

    Anyone who thinks Tea Party members are extremists is an idiot. The extremists are Obama, Pelosi and their ilk, ramming socialist programs (like Obamacare) down our throats.

  2. David Donihue Says:

    That’s the propaganda that Fox News and others would like you to believe. This post is honest and accurate and would have been a great a Halloween “trick” except that it’s true!

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